Fuel System

When you’re driving your car down the road and you notice that it is lacking acceleration or running sluggishly, this might indicate that a fuel system cleaning or a fuel injection service is needed. A clogged fuel filter or fuel system can result in a poor vehicle performance and fuel efficiency. At our auto repair shop, our technicians have the necessary training, materials and tools to clean your fuel system of harmful deposits and if replacement is called for, to replace your old fuel filter.

You’re in control of how much air and fuel the engine takes in, each time you press the gas pedal. Harmful deposits can form in critical area of the fuel system over time, resulting in loss of power, reduced fuel economy and other driveability issues. If you want to maintain optimal engine performance, you should have periodic fuel system cleaning. Our certified technicians use multi-step cleaners, so that they can remove deposits from the combustion chamber, injectors and fuel system. Our technicians also perform a fuel filter replacement service when it’s needed.

Whether you need fuel system cleaning, fuel filter replacement or fuel injection service, you can always count on our professional and experienced technicians to get the job done right the first time.

We’ve had great experience using these guys for regular maintenance and for surprise problems, like a dead battery. I called about getting it checked and Chris was ready when I got there. Appreciate the great, friendly customer service as well as the car maintenance.
Lisa Rivers Bandy
I have used there service several times and always thorough technical service and repair. Worth looking into!
Jeff Hudspeth
Have used them for several repairs on different vehicles and same great service.
Jeff H
very friendly and professional staff
Lorraine Nemecek
words of gratitude to express of how I was treated with this business! I have never been able to trust a Repair shop but I feel at ease now knowing I have one to trust in. I will,admit my transaction wasn't the easiest & took few trips but each time I was treated with respect, quick responses, personalized service that was understanding of needing my car for work. I worked over 1 mile away so even brought my car to me, knowing what a stress it had been for me. Update: car still giving me issues & the sort was replaced twice, told ms an issue wrong but when brought back in, I was told it would take days to be looked late cause no shop help which isnt their fault but not called on when to come back so didnt just moved on..hopefully they can keep good help
Ash Johnson
Thank you for your wonderful feedback, Ashley. Also, thank you for your patience with us as well. We apologize that It was a little frustrating for you at times and we appreciate your understanding and confidence in us. Happy that we were able to accommodate you as well!
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