What is a Digital Vehicle Inspection?

What is a Complete Digital Vehicle Inspection at Best Auto Repair Experience?

Let's start off with correct automotive terminology. "Inspection" has many definitions in the automotive industry. At Best Auto Repair Experience, an "Inspection" is a thorough visual inspection of the vehicle to determine the next course of action that is needed. "Diagnostics" are different than inspections. At Best Auto Repair Experience, a "Diagnostic" is a complete start to finish test to determine what is needed to correct a specific complaint or concern. Sometimes further testing will be necessary from our inspection process, that's when we will recommend a diagnostic to go further and get the answers you will need.

A "Complete Vehicle Inspection" refers to our complete inspection process of inspecting the vehicle. To accurately explain what a "Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)" is and the benefits that it offers, we will need to explain further about our inspection process. When our Service Team performs a "Vehicle Inspection",  the vehicle goes through very a specific, trained, and routine inspection. Every technician at Best Auto Repair Experience goes through a training process that guarantees they will have the proper knowledge and expertise to deliver this inspection with as much care as possible. We pride ourselves on having great training systems and a great inspection process delivered to you. Ultimately, having a great inspection process allows us to inform you of your vehicles overall health and catch concerns before they become major or even dangerous.

Best Auto Repair Experience DVI Process

Let's talk more about our process. It all starts with the service team gathering the vehicle information such as the vehicle identification number (V.I.N.), odometer reading, vehicle year, make, model, drive-type, license plate number, etc.

The technician will then perform a 1-mile test drive to inspect for possible drivability concerns, drive-line noises, steering & suspension concerns, test the brake system for proper operation (poor performance, squeaking, vibrations, etc.), potential alignment concerns, and much more. They get in tune with your particular vehicle as if it were their own.

The technician then performs a complete exterior light check, windshield wiper & washer system check and various other items such as: windshield chips or cracks, power window operation, power mirror functions, power door lock functions, telltale lights (Check Engine Light, Tire Pressure Light, Airbag Light, ABS Light, Brake Light), heating & a/c operation and much more. 

Once the exterior part of the inspection is finished, we dive under the hood to check the fluid levels, for leaks or services needed, air filters, radiator hoses, drive/ serpentine belts, spark plugs, tune up, pcv & vacuum system, battery load test and for any other possible concerns.

Then, the vehicle is hoisted on a vehicle lift to check the wheels, tires, brake condition, wheel bearings, steering & suspension components, differential system, exhaust system, under vehicle fluid leaks, and for any other possible concerns.

Once the technician has completed the "Vehicle Inspection", it then gets sent to the service department for review. This is where the staff works together to prioritize the inspection results, and compile a complete estimate on the recommended repairs & services. Once this process is finished, then the "Digital Vehicle Inspection" is sent to you via text and email if needed. It can also be printed if preferred.

So what makes our Digital Vehicle Inspections so great?

Well, besides our in depth process, it is in a complete digital format, and it's your vehicle in the report from start to finish. We provide real pictures, real test results, and real videos of what is recommended on your vehicle. It is the closest you can get without being in the shop with our ASE Certified Technicians! The inspection is saved in the database and can be viewed at anytime of the day, even after company hours once texted. It can be forwarded via text and email for your spouse or others to view. We primarily send the inspection via text from our texting number because we know you are busy and this allows you to communicate on the go. You can view the inspection and text us back after you have reviewed the inspection, at your convenience, with any questions or concerns. Say what?! Yes! It is texted to you to review at your leisure and you can communicate with us via text. 

Our belief - This process allows us to be honest and transparent about whats going on with your vehicle while still providing you with the information you deserve to allow you to make better buying decisions about your automobile service & repairs. We strive to maintain great customer communication and a high level of automotive integrity!


Did You Know?

The only time the Automobile Technician sees your vehicle is when you bring it in for it's routine oil service or when a concern arises. Weas professionals, have an obligation to you and to the industry to uphold this high level of integrity. When the technician performs this "Complete Vehicle Inspection", it provides our service team with a detailed report so we can create a personalize plan to inform you of your vehicle's overall health and safety concerns. These recommendations can seem unnecessary and sometimes costly but we strive to keep you well-informed about the overall condition of your vehicle and catch concerns before they become major or even dangerous. After all isn't that what we are here for?

This Vehicle Inspection process is performed every time your vehicle comes in for an Oil Change or for any other service and is completely FREE with our service. We require this service be performed every time we see your vehicle because we care about your safety, other people on the road safety, and your vehicle's overall health.


Together we are making automotive better!



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