The Impact of Cold Weather Conditions on Your Vehicle

Baby, it's cold outside. Cold weather can impact your vehicle, but knowing what to look for goes a long way in preventing safety issues or unwelcomed repairs.

Dead battery

Winter is tough on your car's battery. If it's cold and your car won't start, the battery is likely dead. Fortunately, this issue is fixed easily by jumping the car. If you live where it gets extremely cold, battery warmers are an inexpensive option to aid in preventing dead batteries in cold weather.

Underinflated tires

With the dawn of tire sensor systems, you've likely seen the tire pressure warning illuminate at the first sign of cold weather. The air in your tires has contracted, resulting in low tire pressure. Driving on underinflated tires causes uneven tread wear. It's good practice to check your tire pressure more often when it's cold. Those living in the extreme cold might consider winter tires.

Ice in the fuel line

The age-old advice that you should keep your gas tank half full during the cold months is not a wives' tale. If there's moisture in the gas line, it can become icy and cause problems. Keep the tank half full.

Brittle belts

If the belts under your hood are worn, they may become frigid and break in cold temperatures. Before the cold weather hits, have regular maintenance and a winter inspection performed on your vehicle. It's an important visit that may keep you from breaking down on a frozen highway.

Brittle wiper blades

The rubber in your wiper blades can become brittle at temperatures below freezing. Check your blades before winter to ensure that they are not too old or worn. If you live in a harsh climate, consider winter wiper blades.

Sluggish screens

Vehicle LCD (liquid crystal display) screens can become lethargic in vehicles that have been sitting in the cold. This occurs because the crystals in the screen slow down in the cold temperatures. The problem should resolve itself as the vehicle warms up.

If you need assistance getting your vehicle prepared for the cold winter months, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Best Auto Repair Experience today!

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