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When you hear the word "Suspension", many may think back to those energetic days of grade school and not so good times. Well, your vehicle's suspension is actually a good thing because it keeps your vehicle up off the road and helps provide a comfortable ride around Cartersville. It's job is to keep your wheels firmly planted, ride smooth over bumps and handle through curves. Your suspension system has very many parts. If you look under your vehicle, it's basically everything that connects your wheels to the vehicle's frame. These are heavy duty parts that do a great deal of of work. They need to be inspected for damage and excessive wear at least once a year. A good time for this is when you get your Oil Changed. At Best Auto Repair Experience, this is part of our routine Vehicle Inspection process and we perform this service every time with our Oil Changes. Rest assured we got you covered, and we are determined to keep you safe on the road.

Some warning signs that you may some suspension problems:

  • If the vehicle pulls to one side consistently.
  • If the vehicle it wanders on the road unexpectedly.
  • If the steering feels erratic or loose.
  • If you are experiencing uneven tire wear.
  • If the vehicle doesn't seem to handle like it use to or feels too bouncy.
  • If you have popping or rattling when going over bumps.

Basically, if you just don't feel that your in control when driving, you may have some Steering system or Suspension concerns. Have it inspected immediately and don't wait or put it off, as it can be very dangerous.

Some suspension parts just wear out with normal use. Shocks and struts wear and will eventually lose their ability to control your ride. Control Arms, Ball Joints, and various other suspension components are working continuously when you are driving and it's natural for these components to wear and they may need to be replaced. Some suspension components should be lubricated, when you get your oil changed, regularly. This will help prolong the component's life and help maintain smooth operation. Our ASE Certified technicians at Best Auto Repair Experience will perform a thorough inspection and recommend any necessary services to keep your steering and suspension in safe, good working condition. 

One big cause of suspension damage is potholes – those nasty little magnet holes that form on the roads in freezing weather. They just seem to draw our tires and wheels right to them. Ugh!

Here are some tips for avoiding damage from these magnetic traps: 

First, Check your tire pressure regularly. Keeping your tires at the correct air pressure gives them their maximum resiliency and will aid in proper handling. Hopefully keeping your wheels or other suspension parts from being sucked into those potholes. 

Second, Pay attention! No cellphone usage while driving. When you see a hole you just can't miss, attempt to slow down before you going through it. Driving at a slower speed will limit the impacted damage and may keep your drink from spilling too. However, avoid braking directly over the pothole. Braking hard causes the vehicle's weight to shift forward and can add to the potential damage.

Third, Have your vehicle inspected immediately! If something was damaged due to hitting a pothole or anything else on the road, being proactive can help prolong tire life and catch concerns before they become dangerous.


If you've had an accident, your suspension can be damaged or knocked out of alignment as well. Even a minor incident, like hitting a Cartersville curb or pothole. With a minor accident, it's tempting to just get an alignment or wheel balance to correct the problem but if there's damage, a simple alignment won't actually fix the problem. An alignment will have to be performed again after the necessary repairs are made, ultimately costing you more money and time. So, if you are experiencing any concerns or have had an accident, get your suspension system inspected right away to avoid any unsafe conditions and possibly prevent costly repairs. Suspension concerns are a major safety issue because they can lead to unsafe handling, improper turning, and lack of traction, especially on wet roads.



We are always here to help! Reach out to us if you need anything, even it's just advice. That's what we are here for and we take pride in being your local, trusted automotive mechanics at Best Auto Repair Experience!


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