Spring into March with Steering and Suspension

Spring is just around the corner. While the season comes with warmer, joyous, and sunny days, it also means more rainy days. For instance, two sunny days might be followed by a day or two of rainfall. Suffice to say, your car's steering and suspension system are quite fundamental, especially when driving through wet, slippery, and rainy conditions. Additionally, you'll want to pay attention to how the steering and suspension systems perform after a long winter.

Besides safety, steering and suspension systems also enhance the vehicle's comfort, making your ride smooth and controlled. The two systems operate in tandem to enhance your car's ride, facilitate easy control on the road and create the ultimate functionality and handling.

The suspension and steering systems are quite complex. They are made of numerous components, including shocks, struts, springs, tires, and steering linkage, to mention a few. The shock and struts facilitate your car's stable movement and offer maximum control as you navigate the road surfaces. They also keep the tires in contact with the ground and prevent excessive vibration while driving on uneven roads.

Struts also provide a mounting space for your car's spring which bears the vehicle's weight and counteracts the excess vibrations from road shocks. Unfortunately, these components are prone to wear and tear over time. If neglected, these damages might translate to serious wear, unnecessary downtimes, expensive repairs, or replacements.

Most car manufacturers recommend that you have each of your car systems inspected around every 30,000-50,000 miles. All the same, here are other signs that indicate that it's time to bring your vehicle into our shop for a steering and suspension system inspection:

  • Excessively bouncy and uncomfortable rides
  • The car is difficult to control and steer
  • The tires are wearing out unevenly
  • Regular fluid leaks, especially under the front side of your car
  • The vehicle pulls to either side during driving
  • Unusual noises when you turn the steering wheel
  • Weird noises emanate from the front side of your car every time you go over a bump, etc.

Rainy weather can be quite dangerous to drive in, especially when you have neglected your car's steering and suspension maintenance needs. As you pull out your raincoats, boots, and umbrellas, it is crucial that you prepare your car for the season too. Inarguably, well-maintained steering and suspension systems facilitate better safety and handling when driving through muddy and slippery grounds.

If you need suspension or steering repair in Cartersville, GA, we invite you to bring your vehicle to Best Auto Repair Experience today!


Steering System
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