History of Valentine's Day and Vehicles!


On February 14th, people all around the world celebrate love and connection, gifting their significant others with thoughtful presents or spending cherished time together. For decades, vehicles have been a huge part of this celebration. Think about it - all of the make-out points, the road trips, first dates, and more. There truly is a special connection between our vehicles and Valentine’s Day - which is just more of a reason to appreciate your car!



First Date Vehicle Impressions


Valentine’s Day is often a time when many finally get the courage to ask out a crush of theirs. You ask to pick up your crush that evening for a dinner date - in your beloved car of course. There definitely is such a thing as a first date vehicle impression. Showing up in a lemon may not blow your date away, which is why it’s no secret that many borrow a parent’s or friend’s car to make that good first impression if their car isn’t necessarily up to par. Regardless, picking up your date is a milestone at the beginning of a relationship, and your car makes it happen. 



Make-out Point


Back in the day, a make-out point was regarded as a popular place to bring a date in your car to have some “alone time”. It often was the only choice to actually have some privacy with a date. Our cars give us a place to relax, hang out, and spend time with others where we otherwise might not be able to without being around others. 



Goodnight Kiss


We’ve all seen this exact scene in many movies - the guy drops off the girl, they look at each other awkwardly in the car, and the guy has to decide quickly whether or not to kiss the girl before she steps out of the car. That few moments when you first park the car at your date’s house is often a time when a move is made to let the other know how you feel. 



Road Trips


Going on a road trip has been a great date option for Valentine’s Day weekends, especially for those couples who have years behind them. It’s a great time to talk, connect, and really build a strong bond with a loved one. Getting to the destination is half the fun! 



Drive-in Theatres


Drive-in theaters have been popular for decades, and are still relevant to this day! Taking a date to a drive-in movie has been a timeless pastime. It’s the perfect way to see a great film while still being able to make small talk or cuddle up while the movie rolls. 


The amount of ways that our vehicles tie into Valentine’s Day makes you think just how much your car has had a hand in your dates over the years. Whether you’re relying on your car to get you and your significant other to a restaurant or you need it for a little privacy together, don’t forget to show your car some love this Valentine’s Day to appreciate all it does for you. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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