Happy Thanksgiving! Tips for a Safe Travel to Grandma's House

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful time of the year. It's a time to see family and friends, give thanks for the blessings we have, and of course indulge in the unlimited amount of food that has been cooked up. With all the plans being prepared about when, where, and what. Let's make sure your car is as ready as you are for the longer travels. 

Here are some simple car care tips for safe traveling during this holiday season:

  • Check the Oil
    • It it time for an oil change? Check your vehicle's fluids to help insure they are ready for the longer travels.
  • Check the Tires
    • Who likes dealing with a flat tire? Check your tire pressures, spare tire, and the tire changing kit before hitting the road.
  • Light Check
    • Are the lights lit up? Some light bulbs can be out and may not be known. Perform a walk around to insure you can be seen while driving.
  • Fuel Up the Tank
    • Is the gas tank full? We recommend getting gas the day before your trip. It's one less thing to worry about before hitting the road.
  • Prepare for Emergencies
    • Do you have an emergency plan? Let's hope you don't have to use them but keep a working phone charger, first aid kit, a few extra bottles of water, energy bars, and a couple of warm blankets in the trunk, just in case.

From everyone at Best Auto Repair Experience, we hope these tips will help keep you and your loved ones safe while traveling this holiday season.


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