Can You Trust Your Mechanic?

It can be a very uneasy feeling when bringing your vehicle in for service. After all, you are trusting the mechanic with a very important part of your daily life. Your car provides transportation to work, picking the kids up from school, visits to the doctor, etc.  How can we trust the professionals with so many horror stories out there? Do you trust your mechanic?

Let's look at this topic through the mechanic's eyes for a moment. The only time your mechanic sees your vehicle is when you bring it in for it's routine service or when concerns arise. We as professionals, have an obligation to you and to the industry to uphold a high level of expertise. When your mechanic informs you about your vehicle's overall health and safety concerns, how can you trust that it's needed? These recommendations can seem unnecessary and sometimes costly but how can you can trust us?

Best Auto Repair Experience strives to uphold the highest level of integrity to our customers and to the industry. Here are six important standards to pay attention to when it comes to choosing your mechanic. 

  1. Ask Questions- It all starts with being informed. Look for signs of bluffing, avoiding questions, or uncertainty. This can be a sign of "Part Swappers". These are shops that may not be properly equipped with the knowledge or tools necessary to diagnose your concerns. These shops seem to call you multiple times selling you parts unnecessarily to fix the problem, ultimately costing more money on repairs.
  2. Check the Warranty- Ask about the warranty. The standard warranty for automotive repairs is 12Month/12,000Mile parts and labor warranty. Unfortunately, mechanics don't make the parts they install and rely on quality parts supplied by the vendors. Even new parts go bad and it's important have a standard warranty to protect your investment. Repairs should have at least carry the automotive standard warranty.
  3. Check Certifications-  Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), which qualifies automotive service technicians. ASE tests certifies automotive professionals, so, they can offer tangible proof of their technical knowledge. ASE Certification testing means peace of mind for customers. Read more about ASE Certifications by reading the ASE Best Experience Blog.
  4. Find a Quality Auto Shop- Look for things like certified technicians, a clean and professional facility, friendly service consultants who are able to explain what is being done to your vehicle and why you need that service. A reputable auto service provider won’t try to take advantage of customers and can make a living on dealing honestly with the public. Read customer reviews, look for a welcoming environment, and visit the website to learn more about the shop's beliefs. These are all indications of high level of integrity.
  5. Open Communication- A reputable shop should be open about their diagnostic charges and what they are providing for these charges. If they charge for a computer diagnosis without telling you in advance it was required, beware. Additionally, the shop should obtain your authorization to perform the repair work and keep you informed along the way. This is a sign they care about the consumer and your needs.
  6. About the Repair Bill- If there are additional charges after the repairs are performed, ask for a detailed explanation. Sometimes additional items will need to be replaced and may not be on the original estimate or unexpected items isn't accounted for until the repairs are being performed. This isn't uncommon but there should be a professional explanation about why.

Hopefully these tips will help you and your mechanic build a stronger trusting relationship, keep your vehicle safe and on the road as long as possible. If you have doubts if you can trust your current mechanic or have disbelief about recommended repairs or services, Best Auto Repair Experience offers FREE second opinions to help insure trust in the industry.

We are here for you. The Experience you deserve with Quality you can count on!


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