Build a Trusting Relationship


Something that has been very evident over the years in the automotive industry, is customer’s general thoughts of mechanics and mechanic shops. Most people assume that mechanics are crooks, or that they are going to take advantage of you because of your fear of not knowing. Being uninformed creates doubt, and ultimately leaves you wondering if your vehicle really needs that repair or if that service was really needed? It has been something that every customer fears or at least has thought about.

I have personally spent a fair amount of time thinking about this topic, and have come to some general conclusions. It all starts with trust. But how? How do you trust someone when you don’t know them, and are they really telling you the truth? Do they really know what they are talking about? I have been on that side in situations, and can sympathize. It has to do with human interaction, personal character, and building that trusting relationship.

Mechanics, by trade, are envisioned greasy, individualized, dishonest beings but that’s not the case most of the time. Yes, there are dishonest shops but there are also great shops. It starts with being informed about your vehicle, and building that trusting relationship. Keep an open line of communication with your mechanic. Call them with any concerns, as you would call your doctor about your personal health. Unfortunately, sometimes we have to be the person to give bad news, about your vehicle, but rest assured we are merely informing you of your vehicles health and we are not trying to sell you anything. We want you to be informed about your vehicle, from the eyes of our Technicians. We want to build that personal relationship, and know your specific automotive needs. Please reach out to us if you need anything, even if it’s just advice. We also offer visual explanations, to help with understanding of the services needed. We are here for you, and for the cause of automotive.

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