Best Auto Repair Experience & Division of Family and Children Services Partner Up for Local Charity Drive

We are excited to announce Best Auto Repair Experience and Bartow County Division of Family and Children Services have partnered up to help the local kids in need, this holiday season. We are open at Best Auto Repair Experience to accept all donations on behalf of Bartow County DFCS to support our local community. All donations will go towards local kids and families in need of assistance on behalf of the Division of Family and Children Services. Stop by any time during normal business hours to drop donations in the donation drop box, and we will also accept cash donations, check donations, and all major credit card at the front desk. No donation is too small and every donation will help our cause. Thanks for making Cartersville great!

A message from Bartow County DFCS Social Services Case Manager Kaitlyn Downs; Thank you so much for wanting to give back to the local community! When children are no longer to be in their parent’s home for whatever reason, it is often the most traumatic day of their lives no matter where they end up being moved to, whether it is a relative’s home or a foster home. Often times, these families may not have the immediate, basic needs for kids who just enter their family such as the items listed below. Sometimes, if a child has exceptional needs or is a member of a large sibling group, it takes longer to locate an appropriate resource for them, as we value keeping siblings together and ensuring everyone’s needs will be met. In these events, it’s not uncommon to have some children stay at our office until an appropriate resource is located that can meet the child’s needs. Obviously, kids get hungry and we may not always have food on hand to provide for them at our office, which is why the food gift cards are so helpful to us and the children.  Every item on this list is a need for our children and will be greatly appreciated by the department to help ensure that, on likely the hardest day of a child’s life, they are cared about and valued.

  • Diapers - All Sizes
  • Baby Wipes
  • Kids socks (Girls, Boys, & Teens) - All Sizes
  • Kids Underwear (Girls, Boys, & Teens) – All Sizes
  • Deodorant (Girls, Boys, & Teens)
  • Body Soap (Girls, Boys, & Teens)
  • Tooth Brushes
  • Tooth Paste
  • Mouth Wash
  • Shampoo (Kids Shampoo & Teen Shampoo)
  • Conditioners (Kids Conditioner & Teens Conditioner)
  • Female Feminine Products - All Sizes
  • Shoes (Girls, Boys, & Teens) - All Sizes 
  • School Supplies - All Supplies
  • Clothes (Girls, Boys, & Teens) - All Sizes 
  • Snack Foods (Packaged Dry Snacks)
  • Food Gift Cards
  • Cash donations are also accepted. Best Auto Repair Experience will match every dollar collected.

All cash value donations will go towards food and much needed supplies for local kids. If you want to help give back to the local children in need, any donation will help our cause. Together We Are Better!

If you have any questions or need assistance, email the front office at [email protected] or call us directly at 770-334-3169.


Local Community
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