April is National Car Care Month!

Many motorists may not be aware, but the month of April is National Car Care Month and the month of October is Fall Car Care Month. These are two very important times of the year designated for caring for your car in order to avoid the inconvenience of a breakdown many miles away from your mechanic. It's April - which means that we are in the midst of the first Car Care Month of the year. Let's talk about what this designation means, and what maintenance items you should have performed this month to keep your vehicle running at its best through the next couple of seasons.

April comes right after winter. Most drivers and car owners use this chance to get their vehicles ready for spring driving and summer rides. It is also a great time to address any lingering problems that they may have put off or overlooked over the winter season. At Best Auto Repair Experience, we are your source for general maintenance and offer a complimentary car inspection during this month. It's an opportunity for our experts to catch any issues early on, and ensure that your vehicle won't have any unexpected mechanical issues on your upcoming road trips or summer plans. We also offer you a chance to interact with our ASE-certified mechanics about various car issues and general car conditions.

Basic car care and maintenance practices go a long way in enhancing your vehicle's performance, dependability, and safety. It also helps you avoid extensive, costly repairs and reduced value down the road. If you love your car and appreciate quality, be sure to drop by our auto repair shop this April and have our experts perform a full vehicle inspection. Who knows, they might identify potential trouble and address it before it translates to a significant problem. While we understand that some car owners can handle a few maintenance items themselves such as oil changes and tire rotation with a few technical skills and extra time on their hands, be sure to contact our experts at Best Auto Repair Experience in case of uncertainties or difficulties you may have along the way.

The Car Care Council recommends several maintenance practices to keep your vehicle in tip-top condition during the month of April. Here are some of the services recommended:

  • Routine oil, filter, and fluid check with every fill-up or according to your car manufacturer recommendations
  • Check the braking system each year. Also remember to inspect the brake rotors, drums, and lining with every oil change.
  • Check the battery condition. The battery should be well connected, tight, and free from corrosion. It should also be well mounted and if it is over three years old, be sure to have it tested and replaced if necessary.
  • Engine tune-up maintains your car at the best condition and helps it deliver the best balance between power and fuel economy. It also reduces the number of toxic emissions.
  • Check your vehicle's HVAC system. Proper heating and cooling conditions are crucial to your car for comfort and safety reasons, such as preventing defrosting.
  • Check your tires' condition, including the spare, every month to ensure that they are well inflated and aligned. Also, check out for uneven wear and cuts along the side walls.

If you need April vehicle maintenance, our car specialists at Best Auto Repair Experience are capable, ready, and willing to serving you. Do not hesitate to bring your car to our auto repair shop today.


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