Air Conditioning Services and Signs of Potential Failures

The heat is in full force here in Cartersville, GA, and having a working vehicle A/C system is so important to the comfort and safety of your drive. Did you know that even in 70 degrees Fahrenheit weather, the inside of a car parked in direct sunlight can continue to rise in temperature up to 40 degrees each hour?

While some say you can drive safely in the hot summer heat with the windows down in a car, the truth is that being uncomfortable isn’t the only side effect of a hot vehicle. The heat will cause perspiration, which means you and your passengers will need to stay hydrated properly throughout the ride. Heat exhaustion and dehydration can lead to heatstroke, which can be deadly.

With all of that being said, we want to encourage you to check your vehicle’s air conditioning now before the real heat arrives. Getting any issues taken care of quickly will ensure that you have a working air conditioning system in your car when you need it. Here at Best Auto Repair Experience in Cartersville, GA, our mechanics are Section 609 certified in order to repair and service your vehicle’s A/C system correctly.

So, how do you know if your vehicle’s air conditioning system works as it should? Let’s take a look at some of the common symptoms of trouble:

●      No air blows out of vents when turned on

●      You notice a mold or mildew smell coming through the vents

●      Air doesn’t feel cold, even when set to MAX

●      You hear strange noises coming from inside the vents

Any of the signs listed above are an indication of an issue with your vehicle’s air conditioning system. As soon as you notice any of these symptoms, we invite you into our shop for an a/c performance inspection. Our experts will run various tests and checks to determine what is causing you issues, and will get you back on the road with a high powered icy A/C system.

Oftentimes, vehicles just need a good old car a/c recharge. This will include removing old refrigerant and recharging the system with new refrigerant. We also check that your vehicle’s A/C system is working at the correct pressure and the temperature control is working properly.

An air conditioning issue can also be caused by damaged or leaking parts, which is likely to happen in this system over time. A few of the different parts that can cause issues with the A/C system including seals, o-rings, compressors, evaporators, blower motors, resistors, and more. You can trust that our professionals will quickly locate any faulty parts to restore your car’s A/C back to top working condition.

The best way to truly understand what is wrong with your car’s air conditioning system is to get your vehicle into the experts here at Best Auto Repair Experience for an inspection. We are well equipped to handle all of your vehicle’s Cartersville car a/c repair and services and will get you back on the road driving comfortably again!

Feel free to give us a call or use our online appointment form to schedule your next visit today.

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