Fall Vehicle Inspection - Getting your Vehicle ready for Winter

It is officially the fall season, and soon we will be witnessing the changing of the leaves and feeling the weather getting cooler. After the summer, you may have noticed that your vehicle has lost its spark. This is because the summer tends to take a toll on our cars, which is why fall vehicle maintenance is so important. Now is the perfect time of the year to have a fall vehicle inspection performed to identify any potential problems and get your vehicle in top shape for the winter season to come.


The cold weather brings new challenges when it comes to keeping our cars healthy and staying safe on the road. A comprehensive fall vehicle inspection here at Best Auto Repair Experience will ensure that your vehicle is running at its best and that all safety features are in proper working order. Here are some of the fall maintenance items that you’ll want to take care of now before we reach the winter season:


●      Tires - make sure that you have a good set of tires on your vehicle. They are the only things between you and the road, and they help ensure that you can accurately control your vehicle. Worn down tires can make it difficult to make traction with the road, which can be dangerous during both fall and winter weather. If your tires aren’t passing a tread penny test, it’s time to get a new set.

●      Windshield wipers - with the expected rainfall and snow to come, it’s important to have your windshield wipers replaced if it has been a while. The summer can dry out your wipers and render them useless, so getting them changed now will be a lifesaver later on in the next few months. Make sure that your wiper fluid is topped-off as well.


●      Pack an emergency kit - with winter storms ahead, packing an emergency kit is more important than ever. Include things such as water, non-perishable snacks, spare tire, and tire changing kit, flashlights, jackets, blankets, emergency numbers, flares, batteries, phone chargers, and anything else you feel will come in handy in an emergency road situation.

●      Keep your fuel tank half full - keeping your fuel tank half full throughout the entire fall/winter can help you get through the seasons without trouble. Getting stuck in a snowstorm with no gas and nowhere to go can be super stressful, and always having half of a fuel tank can be a lifesaver.


These are just some of the important items to check off your list when it comes to preparing your vehicle for the upcoming winter season. Now is the time to have a fall maintenance inspection performed here at Best Auto Repair Experience, so we invite you into our Cartersville, GA auto repair shop at your earliest convenience. Feel free to give us a call with any questions or schedule your visit using our online appointment form today!

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