You’re not just a number, We mean it!

As Best Auto Repair Experience grows and as we add new members to our team, rest assure that our vision for great customer care will not stray. We believe our employees and our customers are our most valuable asset. Training and developing our team into better leaders for the future of automotive will always be a top priority, as well as, establishing a trusting bond between our customers and our team. Do you feel as if you are treated as a person? At BARE, we want to know each and every one of our customers to build a trusting relationship based interactions, personal contact, and great conversation. You will always be able to open up and talk to us about your specific needs. We want you to know that we care about you and will always be here if you need us, even if it just advice. After all, at the end of the day…. aren’t we are all just people? You’re not just a number, We mean it


People Matter

Build a Trusting Relationship

Something that has been very evident over the years in the automotive industry, is customer’s general thoughts of mechanics and mechanic shops. Most people assume that mechanics are crooks, or that they are going to take advantage of you because of your fear of not knowing. Being uninformed creates doubt, and ultimately leaves you wondering if your vehicle really needs that repair or if that service was really needed? It has been something that every customer fears or at least has thought about. I have personally spent a fair amount of time thinking about this topic, and have come to some general conclusions. It all starts with trust. But how? How do you trust someone when you don’t know them, and are they really telling you the truth? Do they really know what they are talking about? I have been on that side in situations, and can sympathize. It has to do with human interaction, personal character ... read more

Just a Little Patience

One of the most difficult situations in an automotive store is a customer’s concern not duplicated. “We can’t get it to act up.” A recent example for us, a customer brought in a 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 with an intermittent temperature gauge spike to hot, air conditioning is disabled, cooling fans running continuously, and luckily a check engine light. The code was a P0116 ECT circuit high code. (This code indicates a concern with the coolant temperature sensor circuit, with possible causes of a temperature sensor, wiring harness, the computer, or anything concerning this circuit, and of course silly off the wall problems. (Yes it does happen) So, of couse we commit to find the problem. The customer had the concern checked by two other shops before giving us the opportunity. It had a new temperature sensor replaced (two times replaced), the connector for the temperature sensor replaced, and various other cooling system components replaced, to address this issue ... read more


Shop Diagnostics
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